Let’s Get Crafty! Decoupaged Eggs with Jill Rae Designs


We are all trying to get through this the best way we can!  Having kids at home and trying to fill up your day with activists gets harder to do as the days go on! 

Since Spring is here and the weather is getting better, I plan on sharing some fun, family friendly projects, by using things around the house, out in the yard, or a quick order from Amazon!  Today we are making Decoupaged Eggs! They are beautiful, colorful and perfect for this time of year! 

Here are a few supplies that you need! Some, you may have around your home! 

Most of the supplies can be found on Amazon! The links are shared below! Depending on how many eggs you want to make, there are other sets you can purchases. You can also avoid making hanging ones, and stick to eggs that you display in a bowl, up to you! When it comes to the Mod Podge, mate or gloss will work. Choosing the paper depends on what you have or the look you are going for.  I like to take cocktail napkins that I have already in the house. Another option is wrapping paper. Finally, if you already have small paint brushes, that will work too! Let’s do this! Here are the steps for creating this beautiful classy Spring Eggs! 

Step 1

Lets get the supplies ready.  Cut the ribbon 7-8” long. Pre-cut as many as you need. Take the napkins and peel them back. Make sure if the are 2 or  3 ply, you separate the extra tissue off and only use the top piece.  Rip the napkin into small pieces. 


Step 2 

Take your ribbon and push pin and create a loop. push the pin through the egg to secure it in place. 

Step 3

Brush a small amount of Mod Podge onto the egg.  Do small sections at a time.  Place the paper on the egg and tap it down with the brush.  Continue this until this section is dry.  It will be easier to do a section at a time, the Mod Podge gets sticky, this will help it from getting too messy. 



Step 4

Hang to let dry!  Easy as that! Continue on to another egg! 

I hope you enjoy making these! I have displayed my eggs on branches I pick up from my backyard.  Placing the branches in a large vase, and hanging the eggs on the branches.  This would be beautiful on a mantel, on a table or hanging from a chandelier! 

I would love to see your master piece!  Don’t forget, this is a great family project! It could pass a whole day by! Hope you all stay safe and healthy! Thank you so much for following, love to hear your comments! 

Thank you!