Our first blog post and why Art Matters

Hello, and welcome to our first ever blog post! My name is Jessica, RECESS's Art Educator on-line and on-site. If you’re new to Recess PlayWorks, our mission is simple: give parents a place to work while children get a place to play, create, and learn awesome new skills! We offer art (of course!) and STEM classes like coding with Python & Scratch, chess, and sometimes we get a visit from the Stamford Museum animals and their humans!


Our first blog post is all about ART! As an art teacher, I am always aiming to build the creative imaginations of young artists regardless of their age and skill level. Art is an amazing way to build confidence, use new ideas and rework old ones, and learn how to constructively critique someone else’s artwork in a way that helps rather than hurts. 


Not only does art help us intellectually, but it helps us physically as well! Young children who are just learning how to color and write their own names benefit from art; they use their fine and gross motor skills as they cut, color, paint and manipulate a variety of tools. They were how to use space, how to categorize different colors, and how to mix these colors to make new ones.


Selected Art created by ages 4 to 7



During these times, It’s important to continue to use these skills on a daily basis. While grown-ups are still typing on their computers, or writing in their planners, children should still have access to crayons, markers, and if possible, paint. This can help give them a sense of structure, as well as something to look forward to doing. Art can boost a child’s confidence, especially when they see their beautiful works displayed on a fridge or somewhere in their home.


One of the most important things I learned in my time of being a teacher is to always praise the hard work and effort a child puts into their artwork. When your child creates something, even if it’s just a scribble, congratulate them on the work and effort they put into the scribble or the painting that they have made. The logic is simple: when we are told that we’ve done a good job and that we worked very hard, we’re willing to try new things. Children who are told that they’re smart and perfect constantly without having their hard work acknowledged become anxious about trying new things as they possibly may fear failure. With our children at home with us all day, it’s important to remind them that they are doing a great job with their art, their online school, and with being patient with their new situations.


Selected art created by ages 7 to 13

I am looking forward to meeting you and your children, and to help them find their creative voices during this time in our lives.


Please consider signing up for our ART BOX classes, which are held online with ZOOM at 11 AM for ages 3 to 6, and 3 PM for ages 7 to 12 Monday through Friday. We also sell ART BOXES that contain five crafts or art projects for the week to keep your young artist busy along with other kids from ALL over!!!


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Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! We look forward to meeting you online and on site at Recess PlayWorks in Ridgefield!

Jessica Hughes

Recess PlayWorks Art Educator