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Process Art Classes
Inside and Outside Fun for the summer
 Classes are differentiated for all ages and abilities.
Summer Camp registration is happening now!

The Guggenheim states,
“…process art emphasizes the ‘process’ of making art.”

The Museum of Contemporary Art in process states that
“…the means count for more than the ends.”

The end result is “HOW” it was made
in contrast to “what” it looks like when it is finished.
Your child gets to explore art in a more open-ended way.

Benefits of Process art include but definitely not limited to
Fine motor skills * Gross motor skills and coordination * Sensory exploration * Literacy
Mathematical Understanding * Science * Language * Art history * Creativity and self-expression
Art techniques * Risk-taking * Spatial reasoning * Problem Solving * Confidence
  • The Magical Forest: September 10
    The Magical Forest: September 10
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