Art Box | Virtual Art Classes for Kids

Art Box | Virtual Art Classes for Kids

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5 Weeks of Zoom Art-Box Class

4:30 - 5:30  Tuesdays


Bring your creativity to life through hands-on arts and crafts projects. Kids will learn simple and fundamental art ideas through the use of all kinds of materials, colors, and tools. Use your imagination and start your artistic journey through these fun and innovative activities!

Week 1  Stained Glass Art
“Stained glass” art that kids can make using Sharpies and clear paper. 

Week 2  Pom-Poms/Tassels
Make pom-poms and tassels with yarn. Kids can turn them into jewelry or a keychain, or just keep them as they are and enjoy! Let their creativity bloom!
Week 3 Pipe Cleaner Jewelry
Make rings or bracelets out of pipe cleaners (kids can use beads and buttons to decorate). Kids will learn  how to make flowers they can turn into a ring or bracelet too.
Week 4 Mosaics
“Mosaic” art using small paper squares.
Week 5 Flashlight Project
Kids will draw images on the clear paper, but they will be hidden against the darker paper and will only be visible when they use their “flashlight”.

This will be a 5 week zoom class starting Nov. 24. Each week you have the choice of tuning in to take the class on Tuesday or Thursday depending on your schedule! All five projects will arrive in the box available for curbside pick-up or delivery ($5 delivery fee)

$120 for ALL five weeks of zoom classes and all materials included