About Us

Recess PlayWorks is your premier indoor fun and work space! We get it, you have a busy life. Errands to run, kids to transport from here to there. But at Recess PlayWorks, we offer a space for your child to get their wiggles out in our playroom, take an art class or climb our indoor rock wall while you have a coffee in our lounge, catch up on those emails, or make a private call in one of our phone booths. Whatever it is that you need, Recess Playworks has a solution to help you get through your day.



People are juggling. Juggling work. Juggling children. Juggling lives. They are looking for a place where they can stop juggling and focus on their kids, themselves and their work.


Parents of young kids need a place to think and get things done; a place to be creative and play with their kids; and sometimes a place where they can just take a break.

RECESS is...

  • A place to work

  • A place to connect

  • A place to relax

  • A place to be productive.

  • A place to meet and gather

  • A place to celebrate

  • A place to slow down.

  • A place for a snack.

  • A place to learn

  • A place to teach

  • A place to have fun

  • A haven for people of all ages.

    RECESS is for parents.....

    Parents need a quiet space to get things done in a serene, professional environment while their kids are learning and having fun in the space next door. Generous tables, comfortable couches and easy chairs provide an industrious environment that allows them to do their work while their children are engaged in a variety of activities and classes. Private rooms are available on an as needed basis with advance reservations for conferences and podcasting.

    RECESS is for kids.....

    At RECESS, kids will find imaginative unique play options, engaging classes and a creative environment that they can't find anywhere else. They can take a variety of classes, play with their parents and socialize with friends. They can be dropped off for 90 minutes and take a class while their caregiver runs an errand. Children can stay even longer if their caregiver is on premises.

    RECESS provides a fun, creative and comfortable place for families with
    young children to be together with something fun to do. Arts and crafts, Legos, free-play and building areas all provide kids with stimulation and entertainment while parents and caregivers can join in the fun, or sit and watch their little-ones in the "designed-for-adults" seating areas that are comfortable, restful and chic.

    The Recess class program provides parents with a way to run an errand, have coffee with a friend, go work-out or just get a little break during the day without having to book a babysitter in advance or at the last minute.

    RECESS is a place where families can pick up healthy, convenient grab-and-go food . Counter space is available for catching up with friends, meeting with fellow community members or just checking emails.