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Recess PlayWorks Remote Learning Program


The feedback we have received from many Ridgefield working parents is that the hybrid schedule is going to wreck havoc on their work schedule.

We have a solution for working parents trying to balance their work schedule and remote learning.

Parents can work, hold meetings, read or even tape a podcast in our co-working space while their children receive assistance with remote learning. Our schedule will follow the Ridgefield Public School Cohort Schedule for remote learning:


RHS/RAHS 7:45AM 1:55PM


Our tutors will assist a small, cohort groups of 4-6 children with their remote learning schoolwork. 

*Due to the length of the daily program and the State of CT rules, a parent must be on site* working from the co-working space in order for a child to attend remote learning program.

*The parent can leave for up to two hours at a time.


Co-working space membership: $150/month 

  • One membership for both parents for the month
  • 24//7 access to the co-working spaces

Cohort Assistance with Remote Learning: $750 per student for 10 days

  • This works out to $12.50 an hour to have your child complete their remote learning with the assistance of a teacher and gives you the opportunity to get your work done without distraction.

  • We will be following all CDC social distancing and sanitizing protocols. Masks must be worn indoors (with intermittent outdoor mask breaks throughout the day)

  • Hand washing schedule: 
    Upon arrival
    After restroom
    Before lunch
    After recess
    Before departure 
  • We will follow the RPS lunch schedule and recess times.
  • Discounts on enrichment classes before and after school.

Full time remote learning: $1500  per student for 20 days.

  • For those who want full remote learning this is the same pricing as above but 2x the time.

We will also be offering afternoon extracurricular activities (art, chess, coding, science and movement). 

We are hoping this will ease the burden of trying to balance your work schedule and your child’s learning.

**Space is limited to 20 kids due to social distancing.