The Pen Stars Program-8 week course

The Pen Stars Program-8 week course

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THE PEN-STARS PROGRAM offers a creative platform for kids where they can express themselves and do what they like to do, not what they have to do. The purpose of the program is to provide children with an environment and the resources that allow them to design a project from start to finish either individually or in groups. On the last day of the class,children put on a show where they showcase their work to their families. This fosters children’s creativity, independence, leadership skills, and public speaking skills.


We also aim to help children find and indulge in their true passions by letting them explore different areas of interests, including:

play/script writing
prop design
acting and performances (with a touch of music and dance)
arts and crafts
story writing/ book creation, and
having lots of fun by being able to take charge, instead of being told what to do


At the Pen-Stars Program, we believe every child has the ability to do great things in life, and that it’s our job to help them bring out that inner talent and true potential.


We look forward to working with your children!!

Ages 5-12

If this is your first class with us, please click her to fill out registration and waiver for play!